Alacahöyük, one of the oldest sites of residence in Anatolia, is 28 kilometres (18 miles) from Boğazköy. It was rediscovered in 1839. The excavations undertaken up to 1932 revealed finds, which brought to light the Hittite immigration; the oldest finds are from the Hattians era, (4th millennium B.C.) the people who lived in this region at the time.

      During the great Hittite Empire (1600-1200 B.C.) Alacahöyük no doubt remained under the influence of this kingdom. After the decline of the Hittite Empire which was caused by the North and Sea People, Alacahöyük also loast its significance. The Phrygians ares upposed to have lived in this city in the 9th century B.C.
      The most important finds of Alacahöyük are the princes' graves with their possessions (4th century B.C.) : golden and silver containers, weapons, gold and silver jewellery, and animal sculptures made of bronze and clay. Most of these may now be seen in the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara. Alacahöyük used to have at least two gates :  
      The Western Gate, of which only the main walls were found, had mainy similarities with the Yerkapi of Hatusa. The Sphinx Gate at the south was the main gate of the city. This gate is flanked by two well-worn sphinxes facing outward. On the jamb there is a relief (plaster cast) of a double-eagle holding a rabbit in ots claws. There are two more reliefs (again plaster cast) on the wall on both sides of the gate of : an enthroned goddess, a procession including the weather god with the king, the queen and yhr priest, and sacrificial beasts following them. Many of the finds of Alacahöyük can be seen in the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara and Bogazkale.

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