The historical site of Bogazkale (Hattusas) is located at 82 km. to the southwest of Çorum Province and it is 210 km. from Ankara.  Bogazkale is now the town of province of CORUM.
      Bogazkale site which was located at the core region of the Hittite state is at the southern end of the Budaközü River valley, at an elevation of 300 meters from the plain surrounded by numerous rock masses and the seperations of mountain sides and deep clifts to the north and west. The city is open towards the north and surrounded by city walls on all sides except the north.
      Alacahöyük, north of Bogazkale on the road to Corum, was the center of the flourishing Hattian culture during the Bronze Age. Alacahoyuk is about 35 km to Bogazakale.


Bogazkale-Ankara      =210 km (2,5 hours by drive)
Bogazkale-Cappadocia=210 km
Bogazkale-Corum       =82 km
Bogazkale-Alacahoyuk=32 km

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